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Schleich Jungle Adventure

Schleich logo The now-famous Schleich figurines first came to life in the 1950s. Animal figurines were added in the 1980s, and the range now includes fantasy worlds, dinosaurs, historical figures, Smurfs and more.
Boat Equipment (Schleich 42357)

Boat Equipment

Schleich World of Nature - Jungle (Schleich 42357)

Dinghy, Ranger and Accessories (Schleich 42352)

Dinghy, Ranger and Accessories

Schleich World of Nature - Jungle (Schleich 42352)

Dinghy with Ranger Tom plus motor, roll bar, flag, box, binoculars and 3 fish. Steering wheel rotates and dinghy floats on water. Designed to be ...
Ranger Technology Set (Schleich 42355)

Ranger Technology Set

Schleich World of Nature - Jungle (Schleich 42355)

Ranger Tool Set (Schleich 42354)

Ranger Tool Set

Schleich World of Nature - Jungle (Schleich 42354)


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