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Pony Family Gift Set

Breyer Traditional - 1:9 scale (Breyer 1263)

This item has been discontinued, and is no longer available from the manufacturer.
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Ponies! Whether running wild of performing under saddle, these pint-sized equines are easy to love.

This pony family set includes stallion, mare and foal. The dun (golden tan) coloured stallion stands watch over mare and foal. The mare is "grulla pinto", this means she's spotted with white and a smoky shade of dun, or grulla. Their foal is a dun pinto, with traits from both parents.

These hand painted models are authentically detailed and realistic. Allow your imagination to join your pony family running with the herd.

The model set is accompanied by a colourful story card.

Model brand / code: Breyer 1263

Model construction: Plastic

Model scale: 1:9

Age rating: 8+


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