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Siku World Heliport

SIKU World (SIKU 5506)

Siku World heliport provides space for heli-taxis and emergency services to land in the busiest cities. Landing pad with luminescent markings, connects securely to Siku World base plates or can be used as a stand alone toy. Access ramp fits vehicles up to 1:50 scale, roof is removable, free standing wind sock included.

One helicopter with 'heli-taxi' decals included.

Model brand / code: SIKU 5506

Model construction: Plastic

Approximate dimensions: 37 x 16 cm

Age rating: 3+

Play Rating:
More Toy than Collectable
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Siku World Heliport
£17.79 GBP
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Approximately €21.35 EUR or $24.02 USD

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