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Horses - All

Found in Foals
Trakehner Foal
English Thoroughbred Foal
Clydesdale Foal
Quarter Horse Foal
Best of British Foal Set - Thoroughbred and Hackney
Pony Mare and Foal Set
Foal with Girl, Blanket and Feeding Bottle
Mustang Foal
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Horse Feed and Accessories Set
Show Stable Accessories
Show Jumping Oxer Jump
Tournament Saddle and Bridle Set
Rambo Original Blanket
Blanket and Halter - Horse Club Sarah & Mystery
Dressage Bridle
Western Saddle and Bridle Set
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Stablemates  Appaloosa Horse and English Rider Set
Horse and Rider Playset
Stablemates  Tennesse Walker and Western Rider Set
Collectibulls Rodeo Set
Rodeo Set with Cowboy, Bull, Pen and Accessories
Icelandic Pony Mare with Groom and Tack Box
Barrel Racing with Cowgirl, Horse and Accessories
Large House with Stable, Figures, Animals and Accessories
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Horses (Set of 4)
Tournament Training Set (Lisa - Horse Club)
Miniature Shetland Pony Family
Fantasia Del C and Gozosa
Ruby the Dog, Guest Horses, Kennel, Paddock and Accessories
Stablemates Competing at the Games - 4 Horse Set
Mystery Foal Surprise Pack (2 Horses, 1 Foal)
English Playset with 2 Horses
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Found in Unicorns
Fairy Eyela with Princess Unicorn
Moon Unicorn Stallion
Forthwind - Unicorn
My Dream Horse - Paint Your Own Unicorn
Stablemates Unicorn Gift Collection Set
Virgil Unicorn Ornament
Aurora - Unicorn
Xavier Unicorn Stallion - Spirit of the Horse
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Cupcake - Freedom Series
Gypsy Vanner - Spirit of the Horse
Shire Horse Stallion
Bisbee - Spirit of the Horse
Tennessee Walker Gelding
LV Integrity - Endurance Arabian
Stablemates Sport Horse
Knabstrupper Mare
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