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Horses - All

Found in Foals
Appaloosa Foal
Paint horse Foal
Tennessee Walker Foal
Holsteiner Foal
Playful Foal
Tinker Foal
Shadow - Best Friends Foal Collection
Hanoverian Foal
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Rambo Original Blanket
Horse Wash Area with Horse and Stable Girl
Foal Care Play Set
English Hunter / Jumper Bridle
Horse Feed and Accessories Set
Quilted Blanket and Hood Set
Saddle & Bridle - Horse Club Cayenne
Grooming Kit
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Horses and Riders
American Pharoah Triple Crown Winner Ornament
Mia & Spotty Horse and Rider Set
Western Riding Set (Hannah - Horse Club)
Vaulting Set (Mia - Horse Club)
Birthday at the Barn Horse and Rider Set
Saddle Bronc Riding with Cowboy
Camping Adventure Play Set
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Set of 4 Horses
Pintos and Palominos Gift Set
Horses (Set of 4)
Spotted Wonders - Knabstrupper Horse and Foal Set
Ruby the Dog, Guest Horses, Kennel, Paddock and Accessories
Baby Animal Care Set (Sarah - Horse Club)
Airiella and Favory Airiella - Lipizzan Mare and Foal
Racing The Wind - Thoroughbred Horse and Foal Set
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Found in Unicorns
Moon Unicorn Foal
Le Mer - Unicorn of the Sea
Decorated Unicorn Mare
Sea Unicorn, Stallion
Cascade and Caspian - Spirit of the Horse
Zena Unicorn - Spirit of the Horse
Rainbow Unicorn, Mare
Fairy Marween with Glitter Unicorn
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Silver Dapple Mare
Clydesdale Mare
Chestnut Sport Horse
Buckeye - Dressage Mule
High Tides - Decorator Model
Snowman - Spirit of the Horse
Frisian Stallion with Saddle and Tack
Grey Saddlebred - Freedom Series
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