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Horses - All

Found in Foals
Milo - Best Friends Foal Collection
Knapstrupper Foal
Appaloosa Foal
Criollo Definitivo Foal
Holsteiner Foal
Cheval de Selle Francais Foal
Paint horse Foal
Oldenburger Foal
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Wood Saddle Stand
Blanket and Halter - Horse Club Sofia & Blossom
Show Jumping Oxer Jump
Blanket and Halter - Horse Club Sarah & Mystery
Foal Care Play Set
Horse Blanket and Styling Accessories
English Hunter / Jumper Bridle
Saddle & Bridle - Horse Club Blossom
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Western Riding Adventures
Horse And Rider Set
Bath Time Fun - Figure, Horse and Accessories Set
Horse and Carriage with Figure and Accessories
Starter Set Kim and Caramelo
Horses and Riders
Sofia and Blossom - Horse Club
Pony Agility Race Set
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Horses - Set 1 (Horses and Foal)
Tournament Training Set (Lisa - Horse Club)
Cutting Horse and Calf Set
Horse, Foal and First Aid Kit Set (Hannah - Horse Club)
Spotted Wonders - Knabstrupper Horse and Foal Set
Nister Blazing Kansas & GTF Blazing Ethel
Pony Agility Training Set
Spanish Mustang Family
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Horse Club Secret HQ Caravan
Horse Stable with 2 Stalls and Storage Area
Horse Stable with 2 Stalls and Storage Area
Deluxe Country Stable with Horse and Wash Stall
Grooming Station
Breyer Two Stall Painted Wood Barn
Horse Beauty Salon
Horse Stall with Lusitano Mare
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Found in Unicorns
Marshmallow Unicorn Stallion
Solaris - Unicorn Stallion
Elementa Water Flames Unicorn Foal
Stardust Unicorn - Mane Beauty Styling Head
Cascade and Caspian - Spirit of the Horse
Fairy Sera with Blossum Unicorn
Fairy Eyela with Princess Unicorn
Glittering Flower House with Unicorns, Lake and Stable
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Get Rowdy - Dutch Warmblood
Pony Curtain Obstacle Set
Lipizzaner Stallion
American Saddlebred Mare
Haflinger Mare
Morgan Horse Mare
Trakehner Mare with Blanket
Cheval de Selle Francais Stallion
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