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Breyer Horses

Breyer logo For over 50 years Breyer has created the most beautiful and authentic horse toys and models in the world. From the large scale Traditional range, to the small Mini Whinnies, there is a Breyer horse for everybody!
Rhapsody in Black - Arabian Mare
Latigo Dun It - Spirit of the Horse
Valegro - Spirit of the Horse
Calavera - 2017 Halloween Horse
Gypsy Vanner - Spirit of the Horse
Milo - Best Friends Foal Collection
BHR Bryants Jake - Spotted Draft Horse
Liberty - American Mustang Stallion
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Blanket & Shipping Boots - Red
Rambo Original Blanket
English Riding Set - Hot Colours
Quilted Blanket and Hood Set
Breyer Wood Stable - Traditional and Classic
Stoneleigh II Dressage Saddle
Figure - Dressage Rider Megan
Dressage Bridle
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My Dream Horse - Stablemates Horse Family Painting Kit
Stablemates Pick-up Truck and Gooseneck Trailer - Blue/White
Stablemates Lights & Siren Animal Rescue Truck and Trailer
Collectibulls Rodeo Set
Stablemates Horse Crazy Pick-up Truck and Gooseneck Trailer
Stablemates Horse Crazy Pocket Barn
Stablemates Competing at the Games - 4 Horse Set
Stablemates Glow in the Dark Pinto 4 Horse Set
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Winter Whimsy Carousel Ornament
Dig and Roll - Ride on Construction Toy
Virgil Unicorn Ornament
American Pharoah Triple Crown Winner Ornament
Off to the Races Ornament
Pony Gals Ella Colour Change Suprise Bath Toy
Arabian Horses Artist Signature Glass Ornament
Espresso - Springtime Filly
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Found in Breyer Books
Little Prince Book and Horse Set
Misty And Storm Set With Book - Spirit Of the Horse
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Kohilo - Wind Dancer
Sumartra - Wind Dancer
Aura - Wind Dancer
Kona - Wind Dancer
Sirocco - Wind Dancer
Wind Dancer 4 Piece Gift Collection
Brisa - Wind Dancer
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Chestnut Quarter Horse
Black Beauty Horse and Book Set
Horse Corral (Pack of 10)
Cosmus - Winged Pegasus Horse
Breyer Classics 3 Horse Stable
Classics English Rider and Horse Set
Show Jumper Chelsea Doll and Accessory Set
Cutting Horse and Calf Set
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Model Horse 3D Paint By Numbers Kit
Stablemates Horse Crazy Real Horse Activity Set
Paint Your Own Farm - My Dream Horse
My Dream Horse Decorating Kit
My Dream Horse - Paint Your Own Horse Set
My Dream Horse - Decorating with Emojis
My Dream Horse - Customizing Kit 2
Scribbles Colour and Wash Pony
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